3 Steps To Reaching Your Fitness Goals

By Paisley Alford | November 26, 2020


Hello to all the lovely faces that are reading this right now. Before I get into my top 3 tips for reaching your fitness goals, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Paisley and I am a certified personal trainer and bodybuilding bikini competitor. I have been in the fitness industry for 2 years now but started my own fitness journey just over 3 years ago. I absolutely love helping others reach their full fitness potential, people are capable of way more than they really know and I am here to give them all the necessary tools and guidance to get there.


TIP #1


It is important to stay consistent to reach any goal in life. Now this is the same for fitness and whatever your fitness goals may be. In order to progress and see the changes you are seeking you must be putting in the work every day. This goes for training and nutrition. Now this doesn’t mean you have to make dozens of drastic changes at once. You can start by simply implementing a few healthy habits daily. By making a few conscious choices you won’t feel overwhelmed and will have a better chance at staying consistent. It’s okay to feel out of your element when trying new things, but the more you do them, the more comfortable you’ll feel. As time goes on with the help of consistency, these new healthy habits will effortlessly become a part of your daily routine. When you reach a level of comfort with your new daily routine you can then keep on adding more lifestyle changes at your own pace. 

TIP #2


Listening to your body is necessary when it comes to anything fitness related. I cannot stress enough how vital it is to do so. Listen to the signs that you are, exhausted, injured/extra sore or generally training too hard. If you can’t remember the last time you took a rest day, then it is time to rest. This may sound simple but it can be hard to stop when you see yourself progressing. The more goals you obtain, the more addicted you become to SEEING and FEELING those results. This is all great until it’s not. Whether that’s from mental/physical exhaustion, binging due to such restrictive dieting, or getting injured. No one knows your body as well as you do, so listen when it’s trying to tell you it’s time to slow down. 

TIP #3


To reach goals you need to set goals. Long-term goals and short-term goals. This gives you a clear path to see what you’re working towards and helps you keep the motivation alive to achieve them. As you keep track of your fitness goals and check the ones you’ve accomplished, this will give you a sense of satisfaction and fresh motivation to start onto the next goal. As you set goals keep in mind that patience is key. Nothing worth having comes easy, or overnight for that matter. Remember that progress takes TIME. Map out your time frame properly and give yourself an appropriate amount of time to reach those goals. Doing this will avoid disappointment that may lead you to give up on your goals. Be kind to yourself and remember that everyone starts somewhere. As time goes on while you stay CONSISTENT, PATIENT, and TAKE CARE of your body you can achieve any fitness goal in mind.



Paisley Alford | @pais.fit 

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