Intentional SelfCare

By Brooklynn Krul | December 05, 2020


Creating an intentional self-care routine can be a game-changer for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This is not a practice that will change your life in a day, however, but a compounding effort. That is why it’s important to establish that whatever is part of your self-care routine is sustainable and intentional. As a Health Consultant, I work with clients every day who simply go through the motions of their routines, and get frustrated when their practices aren’t optimized. This is why it can be meaningful to set an intention and make sure your practices resonate with your identity, and who you are trying to become. 


Steps to create an Intentional Self Care routine:


1. Discover your non-negotiables for self-care 

Such as: A morning skincare routine, a before bed hair brushing, or maybe a morning journal session! 


2. Make sure the products you’re using align with your values 

Such as: Using a skincare brand (Like Oori) that has created a business based on the health of the skin, Organic products, and the empowerment of anyone who uses it. 


3. Attach an intention for your practices that will inspire you whenever you do them. 

 Such as: "I am doing my Skincare Routine so my future self will be grateful I focussed on the health of my skin over everything else.”


4. Remind yourself to go over your intention for at least 21 days to create a habit! 

- This can be done with a neon sticky note on your vanity, a ribbon wrapped around your hairbrush, or even a pen and journal set out on your counter that you can't miss in the morning! Whatever works for you. 


Happy Intention setting! - 


Brooklynn Krul | Health Consultant and Writer | @brooklynnlifecare

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