A New Chapter

By Alexandra Tesoro | November 24, 2020


Change can be challenging, and sometimes its uncomfortable – but change can be momentous and bring you so many wondrous opportunities. This year has had the biggest change of my life, and I could not be happier about how far I’ve come and where I am today. I decided to pack my entire life into my (not so reliable) little car and drive across the country to start a new a chapter. 

I was born and raised in the Canadian prairies. My whole life, I have lived in the same city, hung out in the same neighbourhood, and was surrounded by the same people. I had a great and simple childhood with loving family and friends – but I always knew I wasn’t a prairie girl. My entire life, I dreamed of living in the mountains and being in a place where adventures were endless.

After high school I completed a four-year degree, taking full course loads in order to graduate as quickly as I could. My first summer after graduation, I worked two jobs, pulling through about 70 hours a week. I saved up all my money and travelled across Europe. When I finished my travels, my goal was to work and save up to move across the country and live in British Columbia. I worked for a few more months after travelling, and then, a global pandemic shook up the entire world. Moving across the country became an even more complicated decision… I was laid off from my job, and there was so much unknown about the new virus. It saddened me that I couldn’t say goodbye to my family, friends, and the city I grew up in. But sometimes you need to make sacrifices and follow your heart – so that’s what I did. I took the leap and I made a life changing decision. I got rid of most of my belongings and packed up my little Chevy Aveo with whatever I could fit in it. I drove away from the place I called home for 23 years, and since then, I’ve never looked back. I ended up arriving in beautiful wine country, surrounded by mountains and nature. My heart was so full, it felt like it could burst into a million pieces. To this day I still get that feeling looking around where I live. I am so proud of this accomplishment and so passionate about my love for my new home.

So, take the leap – manifest the life you want and make your own dreams come true. Change might be daunting, but I live by the notion that everything happens for a reason. Don’t let fear stop you from taking the leap and doing something that you desire. I hope my story can help others who may be struggling to find the courage to follow their dreams. Just remember, we are all given one life. Choose how you want to spend it and live life to the fullest, whatever that may mean to you. Take care of yourself and make the changes you have always wanted. I’m rooting for you.


Alexandra Tesoro | @alexandra.in.bc

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